Good news…Anyone can start mobile mining on their smartphone, tablet or other Android device (Nvidia Shield / Android TV) in just 15 minutes or less! This is THE shortest and least technical guide you will find anywhere to get your crypto flow going immediately and without pain.

Values to use for CPU Chain Mining App…

  • URL: stratum+tcps://
  • WALLET/WORKER: (your wallet address that you copied from the Wallet software, earlier in the video)
  • PASSWORD: (just leave this blank)
  • CORES: (depends on your phone mode, see note below).

Please check for your specific device model to find out how many cores your mobile device’s CPU has. For Example, the phone pictured on my dock is a Google Pixel 2XL and has “8” cores, so that’s the value the goes in the last box. 

The song used in the video is “Figures (Reprise)” from the album “Beyond (The Mixes)” by Pixel Grill. This is original music by me, and available on Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music as well as other streaming service providers. More here:

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