I ran an experiment that proved to be rather profitable. For the price of a medium-to-low end laptop, you can setup a Phone Army of crypto miners that works for you 24/7 even while you sleep!

Crypto Mining: Using 10 Smartphones To Create a Mining fARMy.

Mining farm + ARM architecture + Army of devices = a “fARMy”!
This is a video documenting my experience in setting up a farm of ARM-based devices (i.e. Android phones in this case) that I use for crypto mining. ARM/ARM64 devices are much more efficient than traditional x86/x64 Desktop and even Server CPUs, running faster and requiring less power. In this video my 10x phone setup (using 30watts of power) has a hash-rate over 3 times as powerful as my 40-core Dell R810 Server (using 2400watts of power).
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  1. Good brothers, I found the project interesting and tried to start mining, but I was unsuccessful.
    The miner gives a connection error. I tested it with the 4 pools and nothing

  2. Thanks brother. Now I’m gonna buy new 10 smartphones and I’m gonna start the mining. But brother I need to clarify few things. First what kind of wallet do i need to create? And what kind of currency? It would be a hug help for me like a freshers. The only account i had is payeer.Thank you. Good job keep ot up.

    1. That’s great to hear! Any wallet will do, but I prefer TrustWallet. It’s secure, convenient, apps for both iOS and Android, and all your crypto lives in the Blockchain, so even if your phone crashes you don’t lose any money.

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