“Me napping. Go away.” – Duke

Hi there, I am Duke, and I have allowed my owner to create this website to update you all on my thoughts around cryptocurrency. What…you didn’t know a dog could be into crypto? Either way, I am glad you are here, and I hope you enjoy the site. The purpose of this site and our YouTube channel, is to help lower the barrier of entry into crypto currency for the general public, as well as be a valuable source of information for other hobbyists, enthuisiast and those just seeking general info on the latest trends.

As for my owner, he’s been into crypto currency since 2012 when he mined his first Bitcoins. After mining 3 of them, he decided this was just a fad and going nowhere, and so he sold them each for a whopping $90 each! Hey, $270 for nothing seemed pretty cool at the time, but in hindsight, $60,000 x 3 would have bought a lot more kibble and bits these days. Since then he’s been deep into the cryptocurrency scene, setting up his first GPU mining rig in 2013. By 2014, he had over $5 million DOGE (my favorite coin of course), but do you think he’d learned his lesson from two years ago? Of course not, and he left his DOGE online in multiple crypto pools that no longer are in operation, long lost forever. However, third time’s the charm right?

So, these days, he helps friends and family understand what cryptocurrency is, and why it matters. Many people make some common mistakes, like trying to evaluate the crypto market from a stock market perspective, or other historical investments. It’s not that simple, and doing so can cause you a lot of heartache. Some of the smartest stock market advisors have completely failed in the crypto world evaluating tokens as if they were brick and mortar companies. Keep in mind, we are not financial advisors, nor do we claim to be. For more details, please read our Disclaimers page before subscribing. Got a question or comment, then use our Contact page.