This is a tutorial video for those who want to router their domain through Cloudflare. This is tailored to those specifically with a GoDaddy cPanel hosting account, but the steps are similar for any registrar and host.

GoDaddy/cPanel DNS Template File: cloudflare-dns-template.txt

This guide is made for those with…
– Registrar
– cPanel Shared Hosting

Also will need…
– Free CloudFlare account (or paid, but not required)
– DNS Template File (BEFORE importing this file, replace “” with your domain name and IP address “” with your cPanel IP address)

0. Login to cPanel Host, add new “Add-on” Domain for your new website.
1. Login to your Cloudflare account
2. Add a new domain, and get the nameservers
3. In another browser tab, Login to, and go to your Domains/Products link
4. Go to “DNS” on the domain you want to configure
5. Change the nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers that you got from above
6. Enable Cloudflare optimizations (auto-SSL, minify, etc)
7. Wait 1-2 hours (max, many times this is almost immediate within minutes)
8. Ping your new website (you should be getting the CloudFlare IP, not your Shared Server IP)

Flow (What’s happening here):
a. User types in your website (e.g. into their web browser
b. The browser checks the internet for where to find that website.
c. GoDaddy gets the request, and directs the user to Cloudflare
d. Cloudflare checks the DNS records and then directs the user to the cPanel host at GoDaddy
e. CPanel looks in the “Addons” Domain settings for that website ( and sends the user to that folder.
f. The user’s browser then attempts to show the default website from within that cPanel AddOn Domain folder (if none exists, then a 403 Forbidden message will show)

Relation to Crypto/Cryptocurrency uses: This can be very useful if you want to setup a mining pool on your domain but protect yourself from malicious attacks. You can also use this for proxying your MasterNodes, to protect the IP as well as provide protection for other purposes (DNS/subdomain redirects).

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