I have started a new video series titled, “What’s Duke Mining This Week?” The goal of this series is to get you in on new mineable coins to the market. I will keep most of them limited to CPU coins, because then they are accessible to anyone with a computer!

These coins, being new, will be easier to mine than older/existing ones, so you may be able to get anywhere from 500 to 100,000 coins in a single day. At that point, you’d save them in your wallet for months or years, when their value may have increased greatly. Not every coin will work out; in fact, most may not, but if even one or two of them go big, then you’ll have done very little work for a great payout.

I recommend mining each of these for a week or two, then as I release new videos highlighting new coins, you can switch to those, or keep mining previous ones. Your choice. I hope you enjoy this series!


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